Sunday, March 26, 2017

Today learn to respect

I saw the movie Badri Ki Dulhaniya today and one dialogue from the movie left a lasting mark. "What's the use of love, when there is no respect?"
This thought refuses to leave me.
As parents we love our children. We have experienced life and we know and understand what's right and what's wrong for our children. I agree, but what about Respect?
As parents do we respect our children?
Respect is all about accepting that our children are unique and giving them that space to grow, to try, to fall and to give then the courage to get up again.
I'm an avid reader, but my daughter doesn't enjoy reading. She loves art and can sit for hours to draw and paint. Respect is not forcing her to read, but giving her the freedom to draw, to express herself in the form of activity that she enjoys.
There are certain vegetables that my daughter doesn't like to eat, respect is not force feeding her, but telling her politely to try this vegetable, as it is packed with nutrients good for her body. Sometimes my daughter doesn't feel like studying, respect is not threatening her to study, but asking her, how I could help her to make the subject interesting.
Respect is acknowledging- that mistakes happen, but making mistakes doesn't make you a bad person. As a parent lets learn to respect our children first, love will follow and stay, always!
                           (NIFTY VIEW FOR SHORT TERM)
As expected in last post, Nifty remained sideways first between 8992-9219 and  then started next upmove towards 9350-9400. Though its little early to say about upmove but technical structure supporting more upside. Sustenance above 9150 may bring faster momentum & sustenance above 9219 open gateway for 9350-9400.

On contrary sustenance below 9050 may bring more downside and sustenance below 8992 may open gateway for faster fall of another 200-250 points so keep close eye upon above mentioned levels. Our bias is up & we are maintaining our longs after this correction.

Have a nice week ahead, take care of you & your family :)